We follow Jesus’ example by nurturing each child’s growth as a whole person: academically, physically, spiritually and socially.

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Jennifer A Gregory

  /  Jennifer A Gregory

Jennifer A Gregory

Pre-K Teacher

What About Me:

Jenn joined the United States Airforce right out of High School and served for six years. Upon leaving the military, she obtained her BA in English. She has a strong passion for teaching and was given the opportunity to shape little minds with PCAS.

Jenn is married with two children and has lived in Florida for most of her life. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing poetry and crafting art.

My Education

Harvard University

MBA from Harvard Business School

University of Michigan

BBA (2006)

Harvard University

Section UX & UI design (2008)

My Experience


Head of Industry

Self - employed

Professor and Consultant

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